{ Meet Me }




Hello! I’m Amy.


Five Things I Enjoy {besides photography}:

– My little family. I have an amazing husband and two beautiful daughters. I couldn’t feel luckier. I just love spending time with them!

– My classroom. I teach intermediate elementary school. I just love the students, the content, the feeling of making a difference. I live for those light bulb moments from my students.

 Sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth, so does my husband (which doesn’t help)! We make late night runs to the grocery store, just for candy. It’s that bad. My favorite – orange slice gummies. YUM!

– Mexican Food. I think I could eat this for every meal and not get bored. Beans, rice, tortillas, SALSA! So good.

– The Office. One of my favorite shows. I quote it all of the time. It’s just so hilarious! My husband and I have watched all of the previous seasons at least 3 times now (thanks Netflix for allowing me to waste so much time)!


And one of my most favorites…. Photography!

I love to capture memories. I started my photography adventure when I was 8 months pregnant with my first daughter (nesting maybe? ha). I knew I wanted to make sure I had every single moment on ‘film’, and boy let me tell you – I have enough pictures of her and her sister that they won’t have enough time in their lives to look at them all! 😉


Once I started taking pictures I found that I really enjoyed it. The creativity. The moments. The finished product. I started reading everything I could get my hands on, taking on-location courses, going to conventions, and practicing practicing practicing (thanks to all my friends who lent me their families at the crack of dawn)! I’d love to say the rest is history, but I continually improve upon my photography and soak in every ounce of information there is!


I truly enjoy learning the art of photography and getting out there and capturing life’s most precious moments!


My {photography style} is a mix between photojournalistic and traditional. I tend to lean towards the photojournalistic style where I capture events as they happen without a lot of posing. However, I also throw in some direction here and there with some creative poses and angles.


Enjoy viewing all of the priceless memories found here! Feel free to leave some comments. 🙂


I’d love to hear from you! Contact me with any questions about booking a session or just fun questions about photography and cameras!