Five Fabulous Reasons {why I’m different}

Five Fabulous Reasons

{why I’m different from other photographers}



{1} Photo CD. With every session* or event you receive all of your high-resolution edited images with printing rights. Although I understand why some photographers want to print you pictures for you – some reasons for their own good and other reasons are truly for you  – I feel that it is your choice. If you’d like me to professionally print and design your photos and create custom prints, canvases, or albums, I am MORE than happy to do so. Either way it is your choice. Print your pictures when (today, or thirty years from now) and however you want to! These are photos of YOU and your memories, so you should be the owners of them.



{2} Pricing. I really took it to heart when I thought about pricing. I am also a teacher, I definitely understand the daily financial balance. I focused on what my family and friends would be able to afford once or twice a year and put that along side with my costs and time of starting a business. I am happy that I am able to make memorable images accessible to many families that would otherwise skip on such important documentation of  their life, and do so without compromising the value and worth of the photography you receive.



{3} Passion. I have always loved photographs. I fell even more in love once I got my first “fancy” DSLR camera. Once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I read night and day about my camera, about photography styles and “rules,” about lighting, composition, etc. I attended photography conferences and on-location classes. I’d love to say the rest is history, but I just can’t get enough. I truly enjoy what I do and continue to spend countless hours learning every aspect of photography. I take documenting others’ memories personally and believe my enthusiasm and hard work shines through in the photographs.



{4} Perservability. Your memories will be preserved in such a way that will stand the test of time. It’s my goal for these images to become a part of your family heirlooms passed down for years and years to come. With this in mind, I mix a lot of fun, modern ideas into my photography as well as think about what your grandchildren are going to want to know about you. I want THAT to come through in the photos.



{5} Personality. No, I’m not talking about my great personality (hehe). I’m talking about YOUR personality shining through in the pictures. I love getting to know my families, couples, and seniors and showcasing their love for each other, the fun they have together, what they enjoy doing – their personalities! I encourage going to unique locations that exemplify who you are and what you are enjoying at this very moment in your life. All of my sessions and post-processing edits are tailored to YOU and vary depending on your personality. That’s what it’s all about after all!


I’d love to hear why YOU chose Amy Bonzo Photography to capture your memories and why you would choose me again

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*You receive all of your images with each session and event – excluding the Basic Session.